This page contains a calendar of forthcoming events, and a form for you to book CADS for an event.

CADS booking form

Contact name:
Contact phone:
Contact address:
Contact email:
Name of event (this is what will be displayed in the calendar):
Date of event: Day: Month: Year:
Time of event:
Description of the event, and CADS role in it:
Indoor or outdoor performance?
Will there be mains power?
Can you provide a suitably loud CD player (if not, we can bring our own)?
Would you like CADS to engage the audience in conversation?
Performance length (eg 15 min, or 2 sketches):
Will the sketches be one set or spread out?
Any other comments (eg size of "stage", no. of people expected to attend, etc):

This is a PDF version of the booking form.

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