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4th week HT04

Please praise God:

  1. for the many opportunities we have this term to present the Gospel through drama.
  2. for our team, for their commitment and enthusiasm
  3. for the interest shown by local churches in partnering with us
  4. for opportunities to chat with people and good weather during streetwork for St Ebbe's

and pray:

  1. for guidance on how best to run CADS for His glory and purpose.
  2. for Esther as she prepares to take over the running of CADS
  3. for God's provision of people for this term. Please be praying for at least 4 to join this term, and another 4 next term.
  4. for wisdom in knowing how best to teach students at Marlborough School about 'belief in God'.
  5. that God would use us to plant seeds and water them, and also to encourage Christians in their walk with God.
  6. that we would grow as a team, and work together for God's glory.

Up coming events:

Thanks for praying - your partnership in the Gospel is vital.

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