This page contains (links to) scripts used/written by CADS.

A majority of the following sketches have at some point been performed by members of CADS. If you would like us to perform some for your event, please get in touch. We can advise on which ones we know, and can therefore produce at short(er) notice, and which ones would need more time to prepare. We can also advise on sketches that may be suitable for your event. You are free to use these sketches yourself, for God's glory; please let us know if you have any ideas on improvements etc, and also how any performances go. If you want CADS to do a sketch, but there aren't any suitable here, let us know, and we will have a go at writing one for you.

These are some sketches from OM Luke. The main four that we liked were Aliens, Three Little Pigs, The Crucifixion, and New Heart.

Some CADS members, along with others, wrote and performed a musical version of St. George and the Dragon at the OICCU houseparty 2003.

Scripts stored on this site:

The authors of the above sketches are acknowledged where known. Often we have been unable to ascertain whether they were written by CADS, or by people external to CADS. If there are any sketches on here that you wrote, we would be more than happy to credit you for them, just get in touch, and if you want them removed then please let us know.

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