Choose Life

Music - Joe Satriani - 'Speed of Light' (from the album Time Machine)

Content & purpose - An excellent crowd puller, or possibly for use in a workshop with non-actors or school children. 10 people with letters on them form various words and act them out, finishing with the words 'choose life'. Originally created for the 1997 OICCU mission of the same name.

Cast - (4 men, 5 women, 1 either) - C (male), H (female), O1 (male), O2 (female), S (female), E1 (female), L (male), I (either), F (male), E2 (female)

Props - 10 A4 sheets of paper with the letters written in large black writing, some sort of sticky tape!

Action - Each group of people come onto centre stage and form their tableau or perform their scene. They then form into the order of the word, freeze and then clear the stage.

Choose from these possibilities, or brainstorm to make your own!

  1. HOLE (using O1 and E1)
    O, L and H form a circle, with H on the ground. E goes through the hole (forward roll).
  2. FEEL
    E's walk on from opposite sides of stage and stroke F and L's chest.
  3. SLICE (using either E)
    A tough one, works best with a light person playing E. S leans backwards over L's arms. E is held in C's arms, with legs outstretched. I slices between them and L/C move apart.
  4. LOO
    L and O1 stand with backs to audience, and pretend to be in men's urinals. O2 walks on, and leaves in horror.
    A playground scene. All except C are playing around, before C walks on and claps hands. The others arrange themselves in a line and look like school children.
  6. OIL
    All three walk on, with I in middle. I slips, as though on oil, O and L catch I.
  7. OOH
    O1 stands with back to audience. Two girls approach from either side, take an arm each and make 'ooh' (he's gorgeous!) to audience. Even if he's not!

    Other possibilities include: HOSE, ELF, FLEE, FOOLS, FLIES

    Finally we end up with

    First, the people of CHOOSE (using E1) stand in front looking at one hand then the other. Second, the people of LIFE run around from behind them, act manically and dance around. They crouch in front of CHOOSE to form the word Life.

Comments and Notes - It's easy to make those involved in a workshop think that they're having the ideas themselves, which always boosts their confidence! And remember that this sketch works much better if you do it with a smile on your face.

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