Music - Delirious? - 'Blindfolded'

Content & purpose - A very moving and dramatic presentation of the last hours of Christ's life, his death and resurrection, done without words and incredibly helpful in focussing the audience on what Jesus went through to pay for their sins.

Cast - 7 people (3 men, 2 women, 2 either)

Props - Pilate's scroll, crown of thorns, maroon robe, white sheet, poss. a sign saying 'King of the Jews', poss. a gavel

Music Action

Opening Guitar

Jesus kneels centre stage, praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. He keeps looking up to Heaven, as though pleading with His Father. Occasionally he bows to the ground.

2 soldiers stand at either end of the stage.

Take this blindfold

The two soldiers make their way towards Jesus. They grab his arms, putting them behind his back. They force him to stand up and drag him to the 'court' at the side of stage. Pilate stands SL. and reads from a scroll. He questions Jesus, who makes no response.

Two guitar strums

Pilate condemns Jesus by banging a gavel and sending him away.

Broken shoes…

Jesus is dragged to centre stage. Soldier 1 and 2 then mock him. They whip him and spit on him. Jesus remains bowed, in agony, but not reacting. S1 puts the maroon robe on his back, while S2 places a crown of thorns on his head, along with the sign around his neck

I keep walking down…

Jesus is made to stand up and is pushed around the stage once, before returning to centre stage and falling on the ground. He lies on his back, so that his arms can be stretched out.

End of Guitar

S1 and S2 grab Jesus' arms and lay them out in the form of a cross. They hammer nails into his hands and feet. Jesus tenses his body, especially his upper arms. The soldiers take him under the arms and raise to a standing position, so that it appears he is on the cross.

They offer him wine and mock him. Then S1 and S2 stand either side of Jesus.

I keep walking…

Mary and Jesus' mother come from SL to Jesus' feet and weep.

2nd I keep walking

John comes from SR to reach Jesus, but is stopped by a soldier.

After a pause, Jesus looks in pity on his friends. He looks to heaven and cries out 'My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?'. Soldiers depart.

…that road…

After another pause, Jesus cries out 'It is finished'. His head droops as he dies (possibly fade to black).

Hold in music

Hold the pose of crucified Jesus

As quiet drums start

(possibly lights up to half) Mary, Mother and John depart SR. Soldiers reappear. S1 puts a spear in Jesus' side to check he is dead. They then take him off the cross (Jesus' body should be completely limp). Taking him under the arms, they carry him to a tomb on SL. They lay him flat and place a white sheet over him.


Mary and Jesus' mother come from SR across the stage to Jesus' tomb. They weep at his side for a while, then leave SR

When they have left, Jesus slowly rises, takes off the sheet and moves to centre stage. He stretches out his arms and hangs his head.

Guitar, drums and piano

The woman reappear SR and come to the tomb. They realise Jesus is alive. They rush to SR to tell John, who joins them on stage.

Loud guitar

Jesus raises his head (lights on full) and looks in triumph across stage, as John, Mary and Mother kneel at his feet. Hold pose and fade music


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