Follow The Money

(Revised HT03 as previous script has been lost)

Music - Follow the Money

Content & purpose - Ideal for finalists! The characters go through the routine of waking up, grabbing the bus, slaving at the office, getting paid and collapsing in bed. On third frantic cycle receive actual paper pay slips (A4 pieces of paper) with the words 'IS' 'THIS' 'IT?' on them. Looks at futility of the rat race and asks whether there is more to life than work.

Cast - 4 people - 3 workers, and a boss

Props - 3 pieces of A4 paper with words 'IS' 'THIS' 'IT?' printed on them.

Starting positions - As music starts 3 workers are standing asleep at the back of stage in a line facing audience.

When music changes all 3 wake up, stretch, and head off to catch bus to audiences left. All thumb bus and watch it as it comes to stop beside them.

All walk onto bus, showing passes, and form a line facing audience, one behind the other all holding onto an overhead handle/bar with right hand, and moving as if bus is accelerating, going round corners, decelerating, etc (follow person at front of line).

Get off bus, walk across stage, centre stage open door towards you (each person opens it and lets it close behind them before the next person comes through), and form line, facing audience, as if at work. Pass imaginary paper along line, stamped by 2nd person, and filed by 3rd person.

Do this a few times, then the boss comes along and pays each person (starting on RHS, and standing behind row of workers). They look at pay, then put in pocket, RH person looks at watch, decides to go home, all others follow.

Out of door

Thumb bus

Onto bus

Bus journey

Off bus

Go home

Sleep. (music should be going "…I feel clean when I'm working" as people get back to sleep).

Repeat twice.

On third time round (second repetition) when boss pays people they actually get a folded A4 piece of paper, starting with RH person as usual. Each person, one they've received their piece of paper, opens it, and freezes, pretending to read it as music fades. On back (audience side) is written:


Freeze holding paper long enough for audience to respond.


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