Heart Mime

Music - Tasmin Archer - 'In Your Care' (from the album Great Expectations)

Content & purpose - A man gives his heart first to a nice girl and then to a more 'tarty' girl, but they both hurt him and break his heart. Christ takes the pain on this on the cross, resurrects and mends the man's heart. He gives it back to the man, who then kneels and offers his heart back to Jesus.

Cast - 4 people (2 male, 2 female) - Man, Jesus, Nice Girl, Tarty Girl

Props - None

Starting Positions -


(on chair)

Nice Girl (off stage)             Man                 Tarty Girl (offstage)

Music Action

After first two chords

Jesus and Man have hands clasped over their hearts. They both make a 'heartbeat' by bringing their hands away and beating them back twice.

After second 2 chords

Both do a second heartbeat

Section up to first lyric

Man wrenches his hands away from his chest, as though taking his heart out! He then holds his heart in his hands, cupping it and opening/closing the top hand as if beating, in time to the music. He steps forward, and looks in engrossed wonder at his heart. Jesus looks on with concern ad care.

'The light is fading'

Nice Girl walks on from SR. She looks interested in Man, but is shy. Man looks at her and smiles, and she turns away. Then NG looks back, and Man shies away.

'Swollen eyes…'

NG puts her hands out to say 'Please give me your heart'. Man is reluctant. She keeps asking.

'Son of a bitch…'

Man drops heart into NG's hands. Her hands should drop a little, as though receiving the heart, and then start the beating motion. Man puts arms around NG, and they look happy together

'I need a little loving'

NG moves away and starts to juggle with the heart, from one hand to the other, her hands reacting a little to each catch. Man looks horrified and pleads with her to stop.

'How could you let me down'

On 'let'. NG throws the heart across the stage (to SL). Man runs across to catch it, on 'down'

'in your care…'

Man stands up, heart in hand, and moves back to centre stage. His head remains down and he looks 'heartbroken'

'I pull the covers to myself'

Tart walks on from SL, sees Man and decides she wants him. She straightens her skirt and puts on some make-up.

'am I to blame?'

She taps him on the shoulder, and the Man looks frightened. Clutches on to heart in his hands.

'Son of a bitch…I need a little loving'

Tart thrusts her hands close to Man, demanding the heart. Man recoils and moves across the stage to right. This is done three times, on 'son', 'need', and 'loving', so that they end up SR.

'take away the pain'

She puts her hands all over him, as though seducing him.

'How could you'

He drops the heart into her hands. She puts it in her right pocket without looking at him, and walks back to SL. Man looks devastated and confused.

'When I am dreaming'

Tart starts flirting with someone in the audience, off stage. She is chatting, laughing, batting her eyelids and flicking her hair etc. Man looks on in bewilderment.


Man moves over to Tart and taps her on the shoulder. She shrugs him off without even turning around.

'falling from your…'

Man tries again to tap her on the shoulder. She pushes him away with her arm.

'from your heart instead'

Man tries a third time. She turns around and points into her pocket. She takes the heart and challenges him - 'Is this what you're wanting?' Jesus looks on with concern.

'Son of a bitch'

Tart throws the heart to the ground and it smashes. As it smashes, Jesus is crucified, and slumps his head as he dies.

Man falls to his knees and tries to scoop up the pieces, and push them back together.

'…let me down'

Man's head droops and he looks defeated

'Hush little baby'

Jesus looks up and resurrects by bringing his hands forward triumphantly. He steps down off the chair and taps Man on the shoulder. Man looks up, but shies away in fear.

'You must keep a secret safe'

Jesus taps Man on shoulder again, and this time Man takes the pieces of his heart and places them in Jesus' hands. Man stands up slowly, wondering what Jesus will do.

'Son of a bitch'

Jesus lifts the heart up to heaven and Man looks scared.

'How could you let me down'

Jesus 'remoulds' the heart in his hands 3 times. Man reacts by creasing up in pain, and clutching his heart with his right hand, then his left, then his right again.

'in your care'

Jesus hands the new heart (which is beating in his hands) to the Man, dropping it on 'care'. Man takes it happily and walks off. He stops at SR, turns and walks back to Jesus. He gives the heart back to Jesus and kneels before him.


Notes and Comments - The use of this particular piece of music has been controversial, mainly because of some of the words in it. Feel free to find new music, and particularly to judge whether it may cause offence.

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