Knocking on Heaven's Door

Music - Eric Clapton - 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door'

Content & purpose - You can't buy your way to Heaven, work your way there, or get there on your own spiritual merit, but only by realising that you don't deserve it, and humbly coming before God as you are. Set at the gateway to Heaven.

Cast - 2 Male, plus 4 either - God (in white), wealthy person (WP), academic (AC), clergyman (CM) and humble person (HP), plus an extra person (EP)

Props - Suitable clothes to put people in their roles, plus a dog collar, a large file, a scroll (degree type thingy), and possibly a door, or at least a frame.

Starting Positions - God faces audience back centre stage, with door in front of him, with four others all kneeling in a line facing God, with backs to audience as follows:



HP      AC      WP      CM


God raises all four up together, and send them out. They proceed to following locations:


AC                                         WP


HP                     CM


Proceed as follows:

WP goes to front, and gets out wallet, buys something, then counts change. Decides they have enough money, so confidently go to the door, which is in front of God, knocks, a little impatiently. God open door, WP offers money, expecting to get in, but is sent away by God. They are a little put off by this, so go to cash point and get out a wad of cash. WP takes this back to God, knocking again, offering the money when the door is opened, and again God rejects them, so they go back to where they started and freeze in position.

Then AC steps forward, gets award (scroll) from EP (EP enters from God's right, and exits to left), and confidently goes to God, and knocks on the door. God answers, and AC shows scroll, expecting to get in. God rejects AC, so they go away, and work hard to compile a file of work. Again AC goes to God, knocks on door, and again God opens door. AC shows the large file of work to God, but again God rejects them, so they go away, and freeze in position.

Then CM steps forward, and preaches (mimed) to AC, explaining how wrong AC is compared with him. CM shakes head and walks off to WP. Repeats his comparison, but this time with WP, CM shakes head, and walks confidently to God. CM knocks on door, and when God answers, points to AC and WP, and then to himself, expecting to get in. God rejects him, so CM goes away, and gets a dog collar from EP (EP enters from God's left, and exits to left), then goes back to God. Still CM not allowed in, so goes back to position and freezes.

Finally HP goes centre stage, compares themselves with WP, and looks lowly, then to AC, and then to CM, and does the same at each. Finally goes up to God, knocks on door timidly, and when door opens they reveal lack of stuff by turning out pockets, then they kneel.

God beckons HP in

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