Lady Vanessa

Content & purpose - Short and to the point - shows how you can be very wealthy, and have everything anyone could desire, and yet you will still die

Cast - 7 people (1 female, 1 male, 5 either) - Lady Vanessa, Narrator, persons A, B, C, D and E (male).

Props - Money (although could manage without), a flower (a red rose or similar).

Starting Positions - Narrator enters extravagantly, bowing etc.

Narrator: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the amazing, the extraordinary, the fantastic, the stupendous, the momentous, the incredible life story of Lady Vanessa

Vanessa enters, blowing kisses to audience.

Narrator: She is surrounded by her star-studded supporting cast of…

1. …her fabulous wealth

A enters, scattering money, and goes on hands and knees for V to sit on.

2. …her bulging wardrobe of all the latest fashions

B enters, modelling item. Stands behind V, who leans back into B's arms.

3. …her stunning new Walkman CD player

C enters, miming dancing to a tune and kneels at one side to form arm of chair.

4. …her magnificent Mercedes-Benz

D roars in, driving car. Kneels to form other arm of chair.

5. …and finally, her adoring and gallant lover

E comes in with a flower, and presents it to her on one knee.

Now let me tell you her amazing story.

Lady Vanessa…died

All fall dead in heap and freeze.

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