Listen to Your Heart

Music - 'Listen to Your Heart'

Content & purpose - A rather cheesy sketch, showing how relationships don't satisfy unless we're in a relationship with God. A girl hears the call from God and gives her heart to Him. When a boy comes along, the girl takes her heart back from God and gives it to the boy. He plays with it and drops it. The girl gives the heart back to God, who heals it. When the boy comes back, the girl tells him to give his heart to God first. 'God loves you…give your heart to God'.

Cast - 2 people (1 male, 1 female) - Girl and Boy

Starting Positions - This has the potential to be a helpful sketch, if it's performed well and followed up with a good link. If it's not…it can be desperately cheesy and give the message that Christian girls will only go out with you if you become a Christian. Flirt 'em and convert 'em (so to speak). But we won't go there.

Music Action

Piano intro

Girl is at centre stage, typing as though a secretary in an office. She looks up, as though hearing God calling her from SR. She dismisses it, and has a sip of coffee.

'I know that…'

This happens a second time, and she dismisses it again.

'turns to dust…listen to your heart'

She looks up a third time, puts down her work and goes across to SR. She looks up to God, and mouths/acts 'You love me…I give my heart to you?'

i.e. 'you' - points to God

'love' and 'heart' - makes shape of a heart

'me' and 'I' - points to herself

'listen to your heart…

Girl takes her heart from her chest (as in Heart Mime), so that it is beating in her hands.

'tell him goodbye'

She throws it up to God on 'goodbye'

She smiles up to God and looks contented.

'Sometimes you wonder'

Boy walks in from SL, and looks at Girl. Try to convey the idea that he fancies her, perhaps the rather cheesy 'Wow, she's nice' and outlining the curves of a body with a cheeky smile

He taps her on the shoulder and asks for her heart. She points up to God and tries to tell him that she loves God. He pleads, and convinces her to give her heart to him.

'feeling I belong …listen to your heart'

She goes to God and mouths 'You give the heart back to me' and takes her heart back into her hands. She drops it into Boy's hands on 'heart'. He puts his arm around Girl and they look at the heart beating in her hands, whilst cuddling.

'I don't know where you're going'

Boy starts to juggle with heart, then bounces it on his knees like a football. Girl looks on in horror, pleading with him to stop.

'tell him goodbye'

Boy kicks the heart in the air and it drops to the ground and smashes. Girl gasps and tries to pick up the pieces. Boy looks unimpressed and walks off SL.

Guitar solo

Girl looks defeated, then takes the pieces in her hands and prays with them. She stands up and goes over to SR, looking up to God. She holds her hands in the air, as if offering the heart back to God. She looks pained but expectant

Huge key change into 'And there are…'

The heart comes back to life in her hands. She looks thrilled and holds it close to her. Then she looks up, and decides to give it back to God. She mouths/acts 'I love you…I give my heart to you'.

'Beauty that's me'

She throws the heart back up to God

Key change to 'listen to your heart'

Boy comes back on and asks Girl for her heart. She points to God and mouths 'I've given my heart to God…now you give your heart to God'. He says no and walks off SL. She kneels down and starts praying for him

'Nothing else you can do'

Boy looks up and seems to hear God himself. He repeats Girl's actions from earlier. 'You love me…I give my heart to you'

'Before…ohh…listen to your heart'

He takes his heart in his hands and throws it up to God

'calling for you'

Boy goes over to Girl and taps her on the shoulder. She shrugs him off and says, 'No, I'm praying'. He tries again, and tells her 'I've given my heart to God'. They stand up and hold hands, looking very happy.

'I don't know why' Fade out music

They look to the audience and mouth/act 'we gave our hearts to God…now you give your hearts to God'


Audience are given sick bags to recover from the sketch!!!


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