Lonely Night

Music - Magnum - 'Lonely Night' (from the album Vigilante, or Chapter and Verse)

Content & purpose - A really moving sketch that captures the experience of so many people. A girl amidst a crowd of people suddenly finds how superficial her friends are when she rings them. Christ offers friendship but she rejects and crucifies Him. Christ comes off the cross and offers her friendship and freedom. The friendship the world offers is nothing compared to Jesus, who will never leave us or betray us, and that He died to show us how much He loves us.

Cast - 7 people (2 male, 2 female, 3 either) - Girl, Cooking Person, Jesus, Couple Girl, Couple Boy, Angry Person, Football Fan

Starting positions - All except Jesus (offstage) are in a line at SL, in this order:

Angry             Football           Girl             Cooking                     Couple Girl            Couple Boy

Music Action

Opening bars

6 characters walk across from SL to SR, in a line, all chatting animatedly to each other. Girl stumbles at centre stage, and ties up shoelace. When she stands again, she is left looking lost. The 5 characters all freeze SR, facing offstage.

'I'm looking…'

Angry Person turns and walks towards Girl. AP smiles, but then sees someone more interesting off SL. AP ignores Girl and walks off, stopping at SL front and freezing. Girl looks briefly excited, then sad.

'I can't take this heartbreak'

Cooking Person and Couple Girl walk arm in arm towards Girl. They look excited to see her, both go round her, making her do a 'turn' to show off her clothes. CP and CG then walk off back to where they started, on SR. Girl looks lost again.

Guitar…'I'm feeling'

Football Fan walks towards girl and starts telling a story, using his hands to show how huge something was. Then he notices the time and leaves, taking a position just behind AP.

'I'm restless'

Couple Boy turns and rushes past Girl, pointing at his watch. He stops at SR.

'unholy world…'

Couple Girl waves across to Boy. Girl in centre thinks she's waving at her, and starts to wave, but Couple Boy moves across stage to take up a hugging pose with Couple Girl. Girl in centre looks deflated.

'Oh I never learn'

Jesus steps forward and taps Girl on shoulder. Girl shrugs him off without looking, and he retreats to SL.

New Positions:

Couple Girl/Boy (hugging)                                                                                   Football Fan            


Cooking Person                                                                                                  Angry Person

'Oh lonely night…round here'

Girl looks up, and picks up phone to the right of her. She dials, and CP starts to mix something in a large bowl. CP picks up their phone and starts to explain how busy they are. CP puts phone down and Girl looks disappointed.

'Oh lonely night…'guitar section

Girl starts redialling as Football Fan comes to life, with TV remote in hand, and urging the team to sore. FF picks up the phone then leaps in the air, screaming as the team score. Girl looks shocked and takes phone away from her ear.

'I'm waiting for something'

Girl redials and Couple Girl/Boy react from their hugging position. CG picks up and finds out who it is. CG covers the phone and passes it to CB, whispering 'It's…!' CB takes the phone and manages to fob off Girl, before returning to hugging CG. Girl puts phone down.

'I'm feeling so empty'

Girl redials, and Angry Person picks up. AP looks annoyed and tells Girl to 'go away' (or something along those lines!) AP slams the phone down and Girl looks upset.

'I'm restless, defenceless'

Jesus steps on from SL, and comes up behind Girl, who is clutching the phone. He tries to take it from her (on her right side), but she pulls it away. He moves round to her left, but she pulls away again. Finally he taps her on the shoulders with both hands. Girl turns round to face Jesus.

'For love we burn'

Girl reacts angrily and yells at Jesus, telling him to go away.

2nd 'We never learn'

On 'never', she punches Jesus in the stomach and on 'learn', she flings his arms up into the shape of the cross. She turns and crouches, her head in her hands. Jesus struggles on the cross, before dying - head droops, legs in 'crucifixion' pose. The 5 characters around Girl all sit down in the same crouching position.

'…come round here'

Jesus lifts his head and looks at his crucified hands

'…oh lonely night'

Jesus resurrects by bringing his hands off the cross triumphantly. He steps forward and taps Girl on the shoulder. She looks up and is scared, and hides her face. Jesus taps her shoulder again, then offers his hand.

'come round here'

Fade music

Jesus starts to walk off SL, looking back at Girl and keeping his hand out. Girl then stands up and follows Jesus off stage, looking as though she's found a friend.


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