Redeemer King

Content & purpose - One of CADS' clearest Gospel sketches, taking the crown idea from Two Ways to Live as its basis. It particularly emphasises the choice between life and death offered to us by Jesus.

Music - Eden Burning - "Hem Me In - Ambient Remix" (from Be An Angel EP)

Cast - 3 people (2 male, 1 female) - Jesus (in white), Man, Woman

Props - 2 crowns

Starting Positions - Man and Woman crouched (in a ball) at front of stage, Jesus behind them.


Man                        Woman



Music Action



Jesus is looking straight ahead

As keyboards fade in


Jesus goes behind Man, touches his back and raises both hands. Man uncurls and rises with Jesus' hands. Vacant look.

As pipes start


Jesus repeats this with Woman. Then Jesus makes two large breathing actions over Woman, then over Man. Returns to centre stage.

Drums start


(A tough cue) - Jesus clicks his fingers between Man and Woman. They come to life, and step forward. They look around, and are amazed at creation. Man examines his arms; woman picks a flower from the ground and smells it. Jesus looks pleased.

Third 'Gather me up'


Jesus moves between Man and Woman. Joins Man's left hand to Woman's right hand.

'Draw me closer'


They look at each other with expression of love. Man and Woman turn (change to other hand - still holding) and kneel before Jesus. Jesus stretches out his hands in welcome.



Short freeze

Towards end of instrumental


Man starts to look around to the left, at the crowns behind him. Keeps trying to decide between Jesus and the crowns.

'Cry for me'


Man wrenches hand away from Woman, stands up, then looks scornfully at Jesus. Makes gesture of pushing Jesus away. Man picks up larger crown and places it on his head

'Be my father'


Man stands, with arms folded, between Jesus and Woman (facing Woman). Woman gets up, pushes away from Jesus and Man, and angrily storms over to crowns. Puts crown on her head and stands in Man's original position. Scene should now be…


Woman                                   Man

First keyboard blast


Jesus approaches Man, and stretches his hands before him. Man covers his eyes and turns away.

Second keyboard blast


Jesus approaches Woman, and mimes speaking by opening mouth and bringing hands from mouth forward. Woman covers ears and turns away.

Before second 'Hem me in'

Jesus returns to centre stage, then steps forward, arms outstretched, trying again.

Second 'Hem me in'


Man and Woman grab Jesus' hands, push him to back of stage and crucify him on the three keyboard blasts

As bass comes in


Man and Woman close door on Jesus. Man locks door and pushes a spear in Jesus' side. Jesus dies and drops head. He remains crucified in the ensuing action.

Man and Woman now find themselves trapped in their own 'box', which surrounds their current position by about 3 sq. ft.

Start of verse 'Be the dawn of the light'


Man and Woman press on outward side of box (facing to stage front). A classic mime, using TOC to define the walls of the box - up and down with look of desperation.

'Burn me in frost'


Press to side of box.

'Be my sister, hold me to you'


Press to inward side of box (facing Jesus).

'Be close to me'


Press to side of box at back of stage (facing each other)

1st keyboard blast


Man and Woman turn to front of stage and start to choke. They clutch their chest, collapsing, suffocating, banging on the front of the box.

2nd keyboard blast


Man and Woman die and return to kneeling/crouching position

2nd 'Hem me in'


Short freeze

Build-up right after 2.50

Jesus raises head, then comes back to life with triumphant gesture. Smashes door down in front of him. Approaches Woman

'I taught you to walk'


Gently touches Woman's shoulder. She rises up, facing front with vacant look.

'Knelt and fed you'


Repeats with Man.

'Oh my friend'


Breathes over Man (once) then Woman (once).

'The sea hems in the shore'


Jesus steps between them and clicks fingers. They come to life. Man and Woman slowly turn to face Jesus.



Jesus extends right hand to Woman, as if to say 'Give me the crown'. She holds defiantly on to the crown on her head, turns away (now facing front). Takes a step forward, then hits the front wall of the box again…

Keyboard blast


She suffocates and dies as before


Jesus extends left hand to Man. Man looks at Woman*, then removes his crown and puts it in Jesus hand. Jesus throws the crown to the side of stage.

'Hem me in'


Man kneels down, maintaining eye contact with Jesus. Jesus looks at Woman, then raises eyes to face audience, with both arms outstretched (to say 'which will you choose')

As music ends


Comments and Notes - Have a look at Richard Medcalf's notes on mime for this one, especially for the TOC method for defining the box. It may be better for Man not to look at Woman first, as this can lead to the impression the Man is submitting to Jesus out of fear. And remember to set the crowns up before you start, so that they can be seen by the audience.

Written by Richard Medcalf, 1997

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