Music - The Police - 'Every Breath you Take'

Content & purpose - CADS' classic gospel sketch (since 1995). God creates men, who then rebels and turns away from God with various symbolic actions. At each stage a red ribbon is attached to him, and these are eventually pulled tight to entangle him. God steps down as Jesus and takes the ribbons, and is crucified. He is then raised to life and breaks the bondage of sin. He then offers man a restored relationship.

Video (not made by CADS) - Production by Premier TV.

Cast - 6 people (2 men, 2 women, 2 either), inc. God/Jesus (in white) Man, Bartender, Card Dealer, Wife, Lover.

Props - 4 long (2m) red ribbons, with loops at one end to hold with, 1 chair.

Starting Positions -

(standing on chair)


Card Dealer                                                       Wife



Card Dealer, Wife, Bartender and Lover should have a ribbon each, placed around their neck with one hand by their side and the other holding the 'loop' end of the ribbon. Man is kneeling and facing Jesus' chair, with head bowed.

Music Action



Jesus reaches down with both hands and brings Man to life, with Man rising to standing position as he feels Jesus' hands on his shoulders.

Jesus sweeps right hand across stage from L to R, as Man turns around and follows this and marvels at creation. Jesus sweeps left hand R to L as well

Jesus points towards Bartender and gestures 'Don't/No!' and Man nods in understanding. Jesus sweeps both hands forward to say 'Go, it's yours'. Man steps forward to front of stage.

'Every breath you take'


Man looks around in wonder, takes a breath of fresh air, smiles

'Every move you make'


Bartender steps forward, pulls a pint and sets it on a counter Man steps towards Bartender with curiosity

'Every bond you break'


Jesus reaches out to Man, saying 'Please, no'. Man looks at Jesus, sneers and pushes left hand towards God in defiance.

'Every step you make'


Man takes a pint from the counter in right hand, downs it. Bartender pulls another pint. Man takes second pint, but refuses to pay for it by pushing left hand towards Bartender in defiance. Bartender puts ribbon on Man's left hand as Man downs pint and throws glass to the ground

'Every single day'


Man walks to Card Dealer, who starts shuffling on 'Every game you play'. Card Dealer deals 4 cards and then gestures to Man to pay money if he wants to play. Man reaches right hand into pocket for money, puts it on table, as Card Dealer places ribbon on Man's right hand. Man points to a card. Dealer turns it over and shrugs to say 'You've lost'. Dealer steps back to Stage Right/Back

'Oh can't you see'


Man despairs and turns around. Remembers Jesus and starts to walk towards him.

'You belong to me'


Man notices (future) Wife and smiles. He walks over to her, kneels and proposes, as she places ribbon over his left hand.

'My poor heart aches'


Man and Wife stand in loving/coupley pose.

'Every move you make'


Lover walks across from Stage Left in seductive manner, stops to beckon Man to her, then continues to Stage Front/Right

'Every vow you break'


Man pulls away from Wife and moves towards Lover. Man and Lover briefly form 'adultery' pose with Lover raising right knee and wrapping it around Man. Before they get to kiss, Wife pulls her ribbon and Man is tugged from Lover. Man walks towards Wife looking confused.

'Every smile you fake'


Lover pulls Man back and he walks towards her, confused.

'Every claim you stake'


Lover and Wife engage in a tug of war, with Man moving between them. He should control the pace of the movement, not the 'tuggers'!

'Since you've gone'


Card Dealer (Stage RB), Lover (Stage RF), Wife (Stage LB), and Bartender (Stage LF) should now form a square, and start pulling all four ribbons taut, with Man struggling in Stage Centre. The 4 characters look angrily at Man, as though they are pulling his life apart

'I look around'


Man looks back at Jesus in desperation

'I keep crying'


Tugging continues, Man falls to knees



Man collapses and kneels with head on ground. 4 ribbon people should allow him slack to bring his hands to the ground, front two people kneel on one knee



Jesus steps off chair, removes ribbons from Man's hands and puts them on his own hands

'Oh can't you see'


Man half sits up and looks at Jesus, who stretches out his arms

'You belong to me'


Jesus draws his hands in, in a gesture of belonging

'My poor heart aches'


Jesus brings his hands over his hearts, and looks pained.

'Every step you take'


Jesus takes 3 steps backwards, and the back two ribbon pullers step back to line themselves up with him, ready to pull.

'Every move…'


Jesus raises right hand and looks in defiance at Card Dealer and Lover

'…you make'


Jesus raises left hand and looks at Lover and Bartender

'Every vow you break'


The crucial cue - on 'break', the 4 ribbon people pull their ribbons taut to crucify Jesus. Wife and Card Dealer have the ribbons raised high over their shoulders; Bartender and Lover crouch slightly, so that their ribbons reach the ground. The ribbons should form the shape of an 'X'

'Every smile you fake'


Jesus is in agony on the cross, eventually he slumps his head and dies

During brief instrumental


Jesus raises his head and looks at the ribbon people

'I'll be watching you'


On 'you', Jesus pulls the ribbons into a defiant gesture with both hands. The ribbon people turn and collapse to the ground

'I'll be watching you'


Jesus steps forward and taps Man on shoulder. Jesus steps back and up onto chair.

Man stands up. Jesus sweeps his hand from left to right and then sends Man back into the world.

Music fades…

Man walks forward and off centre stage, looking happy to be free

OR Man turns and kneels at Jesus' feet


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