Seven Seconds

Music - Youssou N'Dor and Neneh Cherry - 'Seven Seconds'

Content & purpose - Jesus gives a person Peace and Trust, but someone mocks them and takes away their peace, and someone abuses their trust. They both press in and knock the person to the ground. Jesus steps forward and defeats them both. He offers the person back their trust and peace. Shows that we can often find the world crushes us, but Jesus wants to restore us.

Cast - 4 people (1 male, 3 either)

Props - Laminated 'Trust' and 'Peace'

Starting Positions -

(holding Trust and Peace)

Peace Breaker                         Person                         Trust Breaker
(kneeling, facing Jesus)

Music Action

1st 4 bars

Jesus looks up slowly, showing Trust and Peace in his hands

2nd 4 bars

Jesus puts his hands on Person's shoulders and raises them up to standing position

First male lyric

Jesus shows Person 'the world', by sweeping right hand from L to R, then left hand from R to L. Person follows Jesus' hands.

(Take time here… ) Jesus places Trust and Peace in Person's hands, one by one, smiling as he does so. Jesus turns Person around, then ushers them forward, with arms outstretched. Person walks forward holding Trust and Peace (with Peace in front!), remaining centre stage, then walking on the spot, looking confident and happy, until…

'Nothing can rule us'

Peace Breaker (PB) comes on from SR and shoves Person with contempt. Walks round to other side of Person, then points at their clothes and mocks them. Points at shoes, then hairstyle and mocks them.

'It has no concept'

PB takes the Peace card and looks at it, then throws it on the ground and walks off to SR, arms folded. Person stoops slightly, as though defeated.

'We're seven seconds away'

Trust Breaker (TB) comes on from SL. TB walks up to Person and puts arm around them. Behaves in a friendly way, then points to the Trust card and asks person to hand it over. Person is reluctant. TB seems to be saying 'but you can trust me'.

'Just as long as… '

Person hands over the Trust card. TB quickly drops it on the ground and walks off SL, looking unimpressed with Person.

2nd 'I'll be waiting'

TB and PB move in from sides of stage and put hand on Person's shoulders. TB and PB look menacingly at Person.

3rd 'I'll be waiting'

TB and PB punch Person in the stomach. Person creases up and collapses to the ground on their knees.

'Je suis… '

Person looks up pleadingly at PB. PB pretends to close a door on Person, and their hands meet for a brief struggle. Person gives up and collapses to floor again.

'Beaucoup de sentiments'

Person looks up to TB, who also closes a door and struggles with Person. Person continues to struggle, and looks back to PB, and struggles with both at once.

'… changer'

PB and TB defeat Person and push them to the ground. They rub their hands and walk off

'It's not a second'

Jesus looks up and is concerned for Person. He steps forward slowly. He moves over to PB, then TB, as if to say 'Can I defeat these people?'

1st 'I'll be waiting'

Jesus returns to centre stage, puts hands in front of him, where the 'battle' happened and closes his eyes.

2nd 'I'll be waiting'

TB and PB turn round and come to place their hands on Jesus'. They struggle, as though Jesus is trying to break their power.

Chord before 'And when a child…'

Jesus defeats them triumphantly - PB and TB are thrown to the ground. He looks lovingly at Person, then moves to pick up the Trust and Peace cards.

'Million voices…'

Picks up first card

'Million voices… '

Picks up second card

'You'd better sober… '

Jesus taps Person on the shoulder. They look up, frightened, then stand. Person looks back at TB and PB in turn, before receiving the Trust and Peace

'Just as long as I stay' … Fade music out

Jesus steps behind Person, back to original 'sending out' position. He then ushers them to step forward, and Person walks off, looking confident and restored.


Notes and comments - Written by Ned Kelly, Hilary 1998. There are cues to follow but it can seem long-winded. However, if you make it look like there are meant to be delays (!), this can be a powerful sketch. Needs to be followed by an explanation, and lends itself to a testimony.

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