Content & purpose - Two window cleaners come in and move around the stage, checking a piece of glass is clean. Once they've finished cleaning it they head off. Another man comes forward from the back and walks into the glass. He tries to remove it, but fails, and ends up kicking it. He goes to the back, hurt, and the window cleaners come on and remove the window. Man then comes charging forward in an attempt to smash through the glass, only to find it's gone, and so goes crashing into the crowd. Looks at the way the there was an impenetrable barrier, which try as we might, we couldn't break through, but now that barrier has been removed.

Cast 3 people

Props - None, although could use buckets if wanted.

Starting Positions - Window cleaners off, SR, Man at back of stage.

Intro: 2 characters, SR, walk on in time to music

Buckets at ground
1,2,3 turn, bucket down
Dip bucket in and bring cloth up diagonally

i) Start moving from left to right in small circles
ii) Then straight lines, left to right, moving 1 foot down at a time
iii) Small circles diagonally from left to right - top to bottom
iv) Top to bottom, moving foot across to right at turn

X 2

1 points out speck in front of 2 high up
2 spits at it and rubs it away - pick up bucket, turn, off on right

Man at back:
Walks forward and bangs into it with nose
Starts forming wall (up and down) with toc and then angrily presses against it with shoulder.
Defines bottom of it - can't lift it, finally and hops off nursing their foot.

1 and 2 walk on 1, 2, 3, 4, turn and squat half-down - crouching.

1 puts right hand at bottom of glass
2 puts left hand at bottom of glass
1 puts left hand at side of glass
2 puts right hand at side of glass

Lift 1 foot off ground, then full height - turn - off on the right - taking glass away

Man prepares to smash through - runs forward and straight into crowd - scream.

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