Sin Jacket

Music - Tbc, or use Massive Attack song for smaller venues

Content & purpose - Similar to Don't Touch, except with a jacket with SIN written on it instead of a piece of paper saying Don't Touch on a chair. More to it, in that it looks at the Cross, and what Jesus achieved on the Cross.

Cast - 2 people - 1 either, 1 male

Props - A dark coloured, plain jacket - black leather could be effective - with the word SIN legibly written on white paper on the back. Also a long white robe.

Starting Positions - The 'stage' should be set with a chair, slightly Stage Right, on which hangs the Sin Jacket.

The 'person' enters from the back, if possible, as the music is faded up, cheerfully waving to people and looking around in wonder type of thing. She makes her way to the front and notices the Jacket. She goes up and looks at it, holding it up so the audience can see clearly what is written on it, before rejecting it, firmly placing it back on the chair and turning her back. But then she gets tempted and creeps back to have a look at it. Looking around to check no one is looking, she puts the jacket on, and struts around proudly with it on for a bit.

Then, she detects a nasty smell coming from the jacket and tries to take it off, but can't. Her struggles to get free of the jacket get more desperate, until she falls to her knees and dies, lying on the floor. (This is where the music 'crashes' suddenly, so timing to get this death spot on is very important).

Jesus enters (again from back) dressed in a long white robe, as It's Your Blood that Cleanses Me starts playing (it will play through 3 times). He walks slowly and stately to the stage, sees the dead person and understands and grieves for what has happened to her. He then takes off his white robe, placing it on the chair, then takes the Sin Jacket off the dead person and puts it on himself. He then goes into the shape of a cross and then (meaningfully) dies, slumping on the cross.

The person then comes to life, and examines her arms etc, realising the jacket is gone. She is puzzled, until she catches sight of the cross, and then moves slowly to look at Jesus - expresses wonder, grief, remorse, etc. She kneels, to one side, in front of the cross and buries her face in her hands. Jesus then comes to life, and goes to his white robe, taking it off the chair and holding it out to her to put it on. At first she refuses, in her remorse, but then accepts it and expresses gratitude, wonder, love for Jesus, etc. They walk off slowly together, as someone fades the music out.

That's it basically. But do give it your own ideas etc. I think the two major things are timing and expression.

Notes and Comments - Sketch was learnt at Michael Green's request for the 1997 OICCU Mission.


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