Taste and See

Music - Huey Lewis and the News - 'The Power of Love'

Content & purpose - Inspired by the passage 'Taste and see that the Lord is good', this sketch looks at different people's reactions to the good news of the Gospel. Only one person actually opens the gift and takes a bite of the cake i.e. realises that Jesus' promise of forgiveness is a gift worth having.

Cast - 5 people (male or female) - Present Giver/Postman, Indifferent Person, Religious Person, 'Many Faiths' Person, Christian

Props - 4 gift boxes, one with a fresh bun in it, plus 3 or 4 smaller, different sized boxes.

Starting positions - The 4 characters other than the Postman walk on in 'funky' time to the music. They form a line with a reasonable space between them. They face the audience, with heads bowed and hands behind their backs.

(Smaller boxes)

Indifferent                      Religious                        'Many Faiths'               Christian


Music and Action - No need to follow any cues!

Postman steps on, carrying the 4 boxes. Clicks fingers in front on Indifferent person. They raise their head and put their hands in front of them (as though receiving communion… how ironic). Postman places a gift box on their hands. Each character should remain staring forward.

This is repeated with the other three characters - Postman should make sure that Christian has the box with the bun in it. Postman then leaves the stage.

Indifferent Person
Steps forward, looks disdainfully at the box and chucks it over their shoulder. Then turns round (back to audience), folds arms and bows head.
Religious Person
Steps forward, and looks really excited by the box, as though in awe of it. Shows it to people in the audience, miming 'Wow, isn't this great?'. Puts it on the floor and bows down to it, then picks box up and turns round, to copy Indifferent person's 'end' pose.
Many Faiths Person
Steps forward, puts box on floor, then brings other boxes from back of stage. Tries to hold them/fit them together, but ends up confused and frustrated. Gives up, and takes up 'end' pose.
Steps forward, looks unimpressed with the other three characters. Then opens box, takes out the bun, and takes a HUGE bite. Big facial expression of satisfaction and glee.

All 4 characters leave the stage, and take their props with them.

Comments and Notes - Once again, big expressions make this sketch. Also, this is quite a good one for Christmas events.

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