The Way

Music - Michael Jackson - 'Who is it?'

Content & purpose - A person comes in, lost, and with a map. They ask various characters to show them the way, but the romantic, the fashion victim, the meditator and the drug addict are all unhelpful. Going to Christ, the person turns away as He is crucified, but suddenly Christ resurrects, taps the person on the shoulder and personally offers to show them the way. Based on Jesus' words:- 'I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me'.

Cast - 6 people (2 male, 1 female, 3 either) - Jesus, Map Girl, Romantic Person, Fashion Victim, Drug Addict/Alcoholic and Meditation Person.

Props - Map, red rose.

Starting Positions - 5 characters (except Map Girl) form square on stage, each kneeling with heads right down to the floor, as though in a ball.

Fashion                        Jesus               Romantic


Meditator                                            Drug Addict


Music and Action: There are very few musical cues, but give the opening section about 25 seconds, and then about 25 seconds to each character. The music does run out eventually!

Quiet, choral music

Map Girl walks on slowly, looking confused and holding a map. MG walks among the five kneeling characters, looking at them, then tries to make sense of her map. She looks offstage, as if to say 'which way should I go?'

First drum beat

MG starts to move in a more animated way, moving quickly between the characters, as if more frustrated with her search.

'I gave up money'

MG taps Romantic on the shoulder. He rises up onto one knee, as though proposing, and offers a flower to MG. MG takes it and looks thrilled as she smells the flower. She then shows map to R, whose eyes are glazed and he gives no response.

'And she promised…'

MG gets frustrated and throws the flower back as R, then throws her hands up in frustration. She walks off and resumes her search amongst the characters.

'And it doesn't seem…'

MG taps Fashion Victim on the shoulder. FV rise to their feet, raises one hand over their head and other by her side (as though on a catwalk). FV walks up to front of stage and back again, posing for the catwalk, before holding pose. MG imitates FV for a moment. Then MG shows FV the map, but gets no response.

'Who is it?'

She walks off in frustration and starts to walk amongst the characters, staring at the map

'can't take this stuff no more…I am…'

MG taps meditator on the shoulder. M comes to life and site in the Lotus position (legs crossed over each other), with arms outstretched, forming circles with the forefingers. M closes their eyes and meditates. MG sits down beside them and imitates for a while.

'And she promised…'

MG then gives up in frustration, stands and walks off.

'And it doesn't seem to matter'

MG taps Drug Addict on the shoulder. DA rolls up their sleeve, tightens some rope around their upper arm, then injects something into the arm. DA lolls back and forth, with eyes rolling. MG looks on in horror, and tries to stop DA. She shakes DA, but then gives up and leaves, looking frustrated and confused.

'I can't take it 'cos I'm lonely'

MG taps Jesus on the shoulder. He rises to his feet, then is crucified, with arms outstretched and left leg slightly across the other. He looks pained, then dies as his head slumps and he exhales.

MG turns away in horror and kneels on the floor, covering her eyes. The map in her hand should be upside down at this point.

The other 4 characters takes Jesus' exhaling as the cue to wither down to their original, kneeling positions.

Instrumental…an appropriate cue

Jesus looks up, then resurrects by bringing his hands forward from the cross, looking triumphant. He steps forward and taps MG on the shoulder. She looks up and is scared. He then uses his hand to show MG the way she should be following on the map.

Synthesiser notes

Jesus walks away slightly, turns and offers his hand as if to say 'follow me'. MG stands and follows Jesus off SR


Notes and comments - If you're performing to a younger audience, you may want to replace the drug addict with an alcoholic, who stands and wobbles, looking completely dazed.

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