Music - Matt Knell - 'Reseirs historian'

Content & purpose - Looks at how the devil tears apart relationships, but God restores them, and defeats the devil

Cast - 4 people (3 male, 1 female) - God, Devil, Man, Woman

Starting Positions - God on chair, couple - arms round each other, looking happy + couply + inseparable, grinning to God

Music Action


Devil (red waistcoat) tries to pull couple apart, between shoulders - can't do it


Decides to seduce Woman - grabs her arm, pulls her seductively towards him

'Things to say'

Turns her round and shows her what's wrong with bloke - 'You don't want him' - disapproving look

'You're unbelievable'

Pushes her back to bloke - she goes back to bloke, disses his clothes, you're a mess


Start arguing

Bass change

Devil provides chairs, and both sit down facing each other, Devil eggs them on - they start arguing in middle
Devil turns them round so that they are both facing front, arms folded, looking stern. They argue again
Turn back to back, still arguing


Both stand up - backs to each other in defiance, chairs removed
Girl turns round, taps bloke on shoulder
Bloke slaps girl (toc - move away)
Girl goes to corner and sulks, head in hands
Guy in other corner, angry

Loads of lyrics

God taps Devil on shoulder
Devil knocks God out - counting for ten
At 9, God grasps hands and pushes Devil down and out
God puts arm round girl, back to centre, then round bloke, to centre


Joins them back together, God looking omnipotent on chair


Comments and Notes - The original which I got this from was a photocopy of a handwritten piece. In places it wasn't clear what it said, so try it, and feel free to change stuff if it doesn't work.

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