Wake Up

Music - Boo Radleys - 'Wake Up'

Content & purpose - An excellent sketch, tackling the theme of how rushed our lives are (especially in Oxford) and how little control we have of what we're doing. It makes people think that there must be more than just a routine. A central character wakes up late, then spends his time trying to catch up with the 3 other characters in the sketch, who are rushing in an endless circle from work to the bar to the disco. He eventually gives up in frustration.

Cast - 4 people (1 male, 3 either) - Late Man, Drinker, Dancer, Worker

Starting Positions - Starts with Late Man lying on the ground, centre stage, with his head on a coat. The three other characters are lined up stage left in a queue.

Late Man

Drinker   Dancer   Worker

Music Action

'Wake up…'

(Quiet intro - 0.00)

Late Man asleep, curled up and comfortable. He rolls over a few times, yawns and stretches a little, perhaps picks his nose or his ears, or sucks his thumb.

Beginning of main tune


He wakes up with a bit of a start and sits up in bed. Looks dazed and a bit hung over. Switches off alarm clock beside bed and stands up. Puts on a shirt and trousers.

'Summer's gone'


Makes his way to a mirror and sink near front of stage. Turns on both taps, and looks in mirror with horror. Switches off taps and splashes water in face. Examines a spot on his face and tries to comb down his hair.

Echo of 'it seems really dumb'


Drinker, Dancer and Worker march on, in front of Late Man, to line up stage right in same order. Late Man sees this and rushes to put on his coat.

'Come through the blinds'


Drinker starts speaking on a telephone, jotting down notes and looking rushed, Dancer is typing, Worker is looking for books in a library catalogue.

'Up at this time'


Late Man rushes over to tap Drinker in the shoulder, who hands phone over and continues jotting down notes. Late Man begins a breathless conversation.

'side…wake up'


The 3 people move off in unison, going to centre back stage. Dancer forms level of a bar with elbow, whilst perhaps eating peanuts with the other hand. Drinker throws 3 darts (pick up between each of them!) before picking up a pint and chatting to the others

'before your eyes'


Late Man realises he is running late, so ends his conversation and moves to bar scene. He quickly orders and receives a pint, nad tries to blend in with the other 3 people.

'Last time'…Drum beats into next verse


3 people move off to the disco, at stage left (front). The three scenes should have formed a fairly compact triangle. 3 people dance outrageously

Echo of 'this alive'


Late Man gulps down his pint and rushes to join the disco. Dances just as badly. Dancer points out a good looking girl off stage left. Late Man looks interested and begins chatting to imaginary girl.

'Things that we could do'


3 people move off to resume original Work Scene

'It's early'


The 3 people then do a round of the 3 scenes, changing to the Bar scene on 'Anything, anything, anything' (2.00) and to the Disco scene on 'the very last time' (2.15).

With each change, Late Man should finish what he is doing and aim to catch up after about 3 beats, all the time looking rushed.

'Aaah, aaah' (rising and falling)


3 people in Disco scene

'Wake up, wake up'


Drinker and Worker move to Work scene, Dancer keeps dancing

Repeat of 'wake up, wake up'


Drinker moves on to Bar scene, Worker keeps filing.

Guitar Chord, and hold in music


3 people freeze in their poses, in a triangle. Late Man has reached centre of triangle, and now drops to his knees in desperation.

'You can't blame me'


Late Man stands up and moves to each of the 3 people, mimicking their pose, but then looking dissatisfied and moving on.

'everything…wake up'


The three characters come back to life after 'everything', immediately moving to the next scene in the triangle (e.g. Dancer goes to Work etc). They complete the triangle. Each of these 3 scenes lasts for 8 beats. The count should therefore be '1,2,3,4,5,6,7,change'. Late Man continues to follow Dancer, always with a slight delay.

'very last time…wake up'


The 3 characters complete another triangle, this time with only 4 beats on each scene. Late Man looks exhausted and leaps out of the triangle to the side of stage

'For what could be'


The 3 people complete a final triangle of scenes, this time with 2 beats (1, change, 2, change etc) and bringing the size of the triangle down.

Final drum beats


The characters all head for the middle and crash into each other, collapsing on the ground.


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